My Soul Shout! Hallelujah!

Happy New Month!

When I think of God’s goodness to me
How far His Spirit has brought me
What I have been shielded from
What I have passed through
And passing through

My many blessings
Oh how He has blessed me
With all that pertains to life
And godliness
Health, wealth, peace like a river

Stillness in the midst of chaos
Beauty for ashes

Constantly assuring me of His love
Daily affirmation
He has never left me and will not

Oh how beautiful this feeling
These butterflies within
My very soul shout hallelujah
Praising God for saving me

This is A testimony!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Plan of Life – In Retrospect!

“Hello young one! It has been quite a while. How has life been treating you and yours? Said My Lady” Oh! Well, we have been living life as best we could, I smiled back at her, settling down to the softness of the couch, propping my self up with the luscious cushion. I have been very well myself, enjoying God’s goodness, grandbabies, bowling, writing and simply basking in my new found love, said My Lady. What is new? I asked!


“Well, I have been reflecting on my journey so far, hmm! I have been reflecting for quite some time now, wondering about the why, what and hows’ of life. You see young one, when you are my age, you’ll look back and find out that sometimes, somethings never would make sense until you look backwards in retrospect”.


Looking back brought me to the conclusion that there were forces beyond my understanding playing parts in what I termed living life, that’s just what it is! The experiences I have had makes me to wonder why I kept making mistakes, or were they not? Could it be the hand of the divine like in the case of Samson in Judges 14:1-6 and Joseph in response to his brothers regret in Exodus 45:8?  God was working in me even then to will and to act in order for His good pleasure to be fulfilled in my life.


Many choices and turns, at every step of my walk, at each milestone, though I almost always have an inner voice of caution, divine prompting maybe, of goodwill, danger and much more. I have made lots of choices – very good ones, not so good ones I thought and some “great” ones that should have wiped me off track I suppose, but something, someone, a force, keeps writing me in. I wondered! Why!!!  What for?


My lady, I exclaimed snapping my fingers, looking into her eyes, wondering what thought or scene just crossed her mind, where did she just visit now, with the most amazing expression on her face. She blinked and smiled, flashing one of the most beautiful denture I’ve ever seen. I could see on her face that she has been to a very happy place.


Hmmm! It was one of those beautiful season of life, said My Lady. Carefree days of love, music, dancing, romance and all those things that makes living beautiful. Hmm!  She said smiling. A warm feeling swept through my spine and I seem to burrow deep into the softness of my seat. So, Mam, you were saying ……..eye brow raise with a nod of understanding, undercurrent between us…  you were saying “beautiful living”, I said to her prompting.  To continue….