Only The Living Can Praise Jesus!!!!

the living praising godHe sat, cradling my head in His arm, rocking me to sleep as He always does, ever loving, ever soothing, calming me as I slipped off to sleep. And then, it happened again, I was in a familiar place, I know this place!

I saw her sleeping on her bed, a beautiful woman, sparingly clad, but for the warm blanket, all snuggled up and asleep. There was a man standing by, and another coming from an unknown distance coming forth, into the room where she lays. She arose in haste and panic, alas, he who is coming is in the image of her late Uncle. What woke her up? Did she smell him from a distance in her sleep? I wondered.

He came in and spoke with this man loitering within her room. What is happening she wondered? What has the dead got to do with the living? Was he coming for her? Who is this man standing within her reach? Why is he here? They knew each other, her late Uncle and this strange man in her room it seem and she was ignored in the chit chat.

She had sprang up in panic without a robe around her, then she realized she was barely covered, she turned to grab the blanket and saw, behold it was a dark coloured blanket. Why dark coloured she wondered? And why was she barely clad? I watched her with confusion written all over her face as she stood there, gazing at the two men as they seem to walk towards the door and …..

There again, the smell of lavender swirled around me, and I felt the strong and gentle arm of Him who loves me, holding my head like an egg. What love radiate from His being? My heart skipped like a lamb on a meadow. He loves me still, I know in my core. He woke me up again this morning and got me ready for yet another glorious day.

Jesus Christ my Lord, be magnified, be glorified. Wonderful are your works and this my heart knows in quiet adoration.