Lead The Lost!

leading to Christ


Child of Destiny! Identified In Us All!

My confession is thus and I am confident there in:

20160523_204121.jpgI am not an ordinary person

I am a child of destiny

God has a plan for me and it is a good plan

Before I was formed in the womb, God knows me

Before I was born God sanctified me

God ordained me as a prophet to the nations

The Lord has put His Words in my heart and mouth

I have been made into a fortified city and an iron pillar

A bronze wall against the evil one

Against every form of wickedness

They will fight against me, but they will not prevail, never!

For the Lord is with me to deliver me!

Jeremiah 1: 5- 19

Promises of God! It is Eternal!

Gods promisesThe Everlasting Father, the immovable rock of ages, the one that was, is and is to come. Be magnified!

Friends, what has the Lord spoken about you? What has He spoken to your heart through the scriptures?

What have you heard? Is it aligned with God’s? No? Trash it right away! Trash it! Hold unto what God has spoken to your heart from His Word. Don’t allow tares into your mind, uproot it daily and water the good seed of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The greatest battle won I heard is one won in the terrain of our minds. Hold unto your confession of faith. Let the Word of God be your standard, not what the world and others say about you. What does God say about you in His Word- Jesus Christ? Yes! That is who you are! Turn around and firmly rebuke every tongue speaking contrary to God’s promises for your life and move on with grace and assurance of God’s faithfulness.

Be courageous, do not fear, you have the backing of the Most High God. You will not sink, Jesus is your anchor. Move on to greater height one step at a time as directed. You will reach your destination! The Everlasting Father will guide you by the light of his countenance. You will not fail, fall, nor falter. You are an over-comer! A champion! A victor. God’s dearest sons and daughters loved unconditionally