You Matter! Honored!

A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home – Mark 6:4

Familiarity breeds contempt”. “The Cambridge dictionary explains it this way, that “if you know someone very well you stop respecting them because you have seen all of their bad qualities

This is what causes frictions in relationship. Jesus Christ experienced it in His home town. The people that knew him intimately, that have lived with him could not recognize the power at work in him. They could not benefit from it either.

Isaiah 43:4

Therefore, what you are experiencing is not strange to you. Your closest relationship, and those that know you casually may not see your worth as a being. Your genuineness, love, and virtues, may not be appreciated.

You speak wisdom and truth, speaks justice, peace, fairness, kindness, give wise counsel, and it is overlooked or ignored. It is a natural phenomenon summed up in “Familiarity breeds contempt”

I want you to know:

The unbelief of Jesus’s hometown does not negate or reduce the effect of His grace, love, and power to work wonders in the lives of many others of His days. Mark 6:13

Likewise you friends, you matter so much in many ways to God, and to all that have had, and will have the honor of being blessed by you. Christ Jesus for example did the ultimate for you.

You are saved by grace! Ephesians 2:8

You are a sign and a wonder to all! Isaiah 8:18

You are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden! Matthew 5:14

You are the head and not the tail! Deuteronomy 28:13

You are speaking and foreigners cower before you! Psalms 18:43-45

Your voice heard in the uttermost ! Romans 10:18

And ……


You matter and you are honored so much friends!

This very month, I want you to have that confidence. Meditate on these scriptures, let the Holy Spirit breath on it and give it room to build you up from within! Walk with a swag 🙂

You really do matter and Jesus is counting on you.

Happy New Month Everyone!

Your Worth As A Human! Things Money Can Never Buy!


How very blessed you are friends! You have come to the last lap of this year! Take a breather and savor all that is yours! Look at the Lord’s blessings in your life! Can money buy those?

Take stock even as the Lord has brought you to the brink of a new year and dawn. Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it would surprise you what the Lord has done.

Let me bring things into perspective for you dear! Wealth is not in the amount of money in your account, the investment you have and the likes! Your worth and wealth is in those things you have that money can never buy! Your faith, ideas, vision, person, insight, and much more!

You are here this moment, alive, living, saved, sanctified, and ordained for great purposes. No amount of money could have bought you that!

Look at the aura around you! Can you see the invisible presence with you! Oh yes, I forgot you can’t see that, but others can!!! You carry the radiant glory of the creator!

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are in your right mind, good health, loving relationships, beautiful and handsome spouse, gorgeous children and grandchildren. And you singles, you have a handsome man dotting on you, a lovely lady who thinks the world of you! You have friends around you, more like family!

And, and!!! Think about the lives the Lord has touched through you! Your smile that made another smile! Your love was able to crack open a hardened heart! A loving touch, hugs, that tells someone God knows and cares for them!

What is your worth friends? Don’t get me wrong though! Money makes things happen, but the lack or abundance of it should not define your happiness or worth for that matter! You are worth more than rubies, gold, diamonds or any precious metals.

You are a person of integrity, intelligent, discerning, and wise! Ain’t no money buy that!

As we step into this new year, please see yourself as a very wealthy person, for you trully are! You are unbreakable by storms, purified by tempest, tested and passed, a change agent, reaching for more, unwavering in your faith!

You’ve really done very well my love! You are wealthy in ways money can never buy! Don’t you forget that!

Have an interesting new year friends, filled with pleasant surprises/discoveries, and fulfilling love. And abundance of all that pertains to life and godliness in Christ Jesus name. Amen

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Be Thankful! I AM!

It is only the grateful that will be thankful. The grateful will have hope for they have journeyed through and known they only made it this far by God’s grace, therefore in every situation they are assured that He will show up. That is hope! The grateful will be humble most often than the ungrateful for they know it’s not by their power or might that they are not consumed but by the mercies of God.

gratitudeLord I am indeed grateful for all the heartaches for it reassures me that my heart is of flesh and capable of genuine love. The trouble and trials confirms that I am doing well in line with the plan of heaven – or else why will the devil rise up against me like he did Job?

So many times I’ve disobeyed and you correct me with your rod because you love me. Lord I am so grateful for this for it is the child that a Father loves that He correct. I am so blessed to be your favorite daughter for the many sins I have sinned and you forgave, wiped off, not even a trace, or smell of the fire.

Refiners fire, my hearts one desire is to be set apart for your use and glory. You wired joy into my DNA, like Christ sleeping on the boat in the storm, I can dance and praise you in the storm of various kinds of challenges, for I know you are in charge and holding my hands steadily. All things must of necessity work for my good. You Lord are working me through a process that will refine and add value, luster to the treasures in this earthen vessel!

Gratefully I praise your Holy Name Oh Lord. Thank you Father for your love!

Friends, I hope you feel the same as I am. Without God’s saving grace bestowed on us through Christ Jesus’s death on Calvary where will you be? How will you be living your life? Will you be eternity conscious?

Your many blessings, lifes successes were only possible by His grace alone. Come on give God the praise due Him. For those other things you are seeking His face for thank God still, see those answers placed on your palms.

Praise God in the morning, praise him in the noon time, praise God in the night time also! Be thankful!