Mothers – Carriers of Destiny

Mothers - Carriers of destiny
Mothers – Carriers of destiny!

Every child born, even unplanned pregnancies, is ordained of God. God always has a plan and He does makes his plan known directly or indirectly to the parent through circumstances and situations around the time of conception.

We as parent, if we are sensitive, we will perceive or we might not. However, the facts remain that God always speaks and has plan and a purpose for every one born of a woman.

Parent are meant to train, teach, and bring up every child on a part towards the fulfillment of the plan for which they were created.

In my generation, 60s and 70s, most of our parents were very religious, but insensitive to the workings of the Holy Spirit and therefore unaware of the great destinies and lofty plans of God for us.

A lot of that generation missed the way as a result of not knowing our purpose in the agenda of God. A lot of us were Esther’s, Abigail, Ruth, Deborah, Samson, David, Elijah, Peter, Paul, great men and women of faith and exploit.

In reality, we were less than a shadow of our original until grace stepped in, re-routed and conquering, we finally realize who we are meant to be and are on the path way of life to eternal glory. Hallelujah!

Should our children go the same route we took? I don’t think they should and I know God want them to hit the floor running.

How then are we as mothers/parent going to ensure our children, this present generation find their way early enough in line with the plan and purpose of God for their life? Do we even know God’s plan for our children/child? Did we hear God through the Holy Spirit as He spoke?

Mothers and mothers to be, a lot has been entrusted to us in this dispensation. These are the end times and there is so much more land to conquer.

You see friends, the end of time is sooner than we have thought. Jesus Christ is coming soon and there is still very much many soul that we need to help bring into the sheep pen. We and our household have a lot to do in the Kingdom of God.

As we plan every aspect of raising our family and living – the school, sport, vocation etcetera of their life, let us endeavour to plan how to garner all resources at our disposal towards populating God’s kingdom by bringing up our children and grandchildren up in line with God’s agenda.


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