Glorious Future Await You!!!!!


There is so much ahead of us friends. There is so much untapped territories, treasures undiscovered, jewels not seen.

We need to let go of the past so we can start afresh rediscovering the beauty that lays ahead within our reach.

We only have to look inward and act out with love. Just like faith, a mustard seed like faith can move mountains, so a little love and understanding can birth so much joy, peace and harmony regardless of the circumstances.

We are born of God, which means we have love written into our DNA. When I say love, I mean Christlike love, not the world like kind of love – lust, self centeredness and covetousness! We were all filled to overflowing with these vices until we met with the Lord Jesus, and now we are a new creation, old things have passed away and all things have become new.

I have chosen to be a pioneer of a future filled with kindness, love, and respect for all beings regardless of their status. I will strive to ease the pain of hurt, rejection, shame, hatred, and all negativity that my friends are going through. I will empathise and not judge or ridicule, revealing Christ Jesus in my conduct as a true ambassador of the Gospel of Love.

Will you join me friends? Let us in harmony showcase the grace of God upon our lives as believers. Let us make Daddy, Our Father in Heaven proud of us. It’s the least we could do anyways, for we have ourselves received so much unconditional, undeserving grace – love and compassion. As we have received freely, let us give also freely, no strings attached.