Today’s Reminder! Revamped

Our God is awesome. He recreate strength, courage, love and patience out of nothingness. God revamps your life and mine to exude glory, honor and majesty.

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Can you see the picture of who you are through the eyes of the Master? You are a chosen, loved and treasured possession of the Almighty God. You are a beauty, carrying the radiant glory of a loving God!

Open your hearts my friends, let the love of Christ in. You will be transformed to be who you are created to be, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a special people that God gives authority to have dominion upon all things created.

You are chosen, called, and anointed to bear fruits and your fruits will abide!


Child of Destiny! Identified In Us All!

My confession is thus and I am confident there in:

20160523_204121.jpgI am not an ordinary person

I am a child of destiny

God has a plan for me and it is a good plan

Before I was formed in the womb, God knows me

Before I was born God sanctified me

God ordained me as a prophet to the nations

The Lord has put His Words in my heart and mouth

I have been made into a fortified city and an iron pillar

A bronze wall against the evil one

Against every form of wickedness

They will fight against me, but they will not prevail, never!

For the Lord is with me to deliver me!

Jeremiah 1: 5- 19