Happy New Year!

Do itHappy New Year friends!

Welcome to the year of unending blessings – manifestation of the Mightiness of the Most  High God.  Be expectant of the receipt of that which eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor have come to the hearts of man – imagined, from the Lord of Host this year 2016.

You were made a light from heaven if you are God’s child – born again, so therefore your light cannot be snuffed out, put off by anything on earth. No forces of darkness can stand against the brightness of the light of God in your life.

You were made in heaven to rule on earth, to be a light that shines in darkness and darkness cannot prevail over it.

You are meant to spread the fragrance of divine love and grace wherever you are! Do not let anything/anyone, man made laws, rules and regulations steal that from you.

This year 2016 make sure you partner with your maker to live for His purpose. The heavens are opened friends, take hold of life and live to fulfill your God given destiny.

Dearest friends, who do not yet have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ,  now is the time to come to Jesus. Ask him to step into your life. Let Christ embrace you and transform you. Talk to Him now, He is waiting to hear from you.

Jesus is Lord!





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