Watch “RT Kendall Respect the Anointing” on YouTube

When it comes to the anointing, play it safe. What do you mean you may ask. Every born again person is the Israel of God, joint heir with Christ, either they have the office or not!!!

David was anointed yet was pursued by King Saul, the anointed of God, yet David sinned not against the Lord’s anointed!

Have regard for every child of God, actually, every human, for you do not know who is backing them!

Trust me, it will save us from presumptuous sin.
Lord God Almighty, have mercy on me and my friends. Forgive us for disrespecting the anointing on your anointed, and within us. Help us to be conscious of who’s we are, and who lives within us at all times in Christ Jesus mighty name. Amen

One thought on “Watch “RT Kendall Respect the Anointing” on YouTube

  1. 📣To *ALL PRAYER NETWORKS* in South Africa and ALL praying Christians:

    It becomes clearer by the day that there is an *anti-christian* move in South Africa that is slowly intensifying. The aim is to rid our country of its remaining Christian ethos.

    🔴 Our *children* are under attack as schools who openly profess Christian values are taken to court. The recent Ogod case is just the beginning (with its blasphemous name). By their own admission they want to *force* a Christian culture out of schools. Pray for FEDSAS who are defending our schools.

    🔴 The CRL Rights Commission is busy with a *’state capture of religion’* in SA. They want to take a billion Rand a year away from ministry through tax. The state is also claiming the right to validate (or not!) doctrine. Church leaders are targeted for hate speech, etc. Pray for FOR SA who fight for religious freedom in this regard.

    🔴 Outstanding Christian leaders like *Angus Buchan*, Gretha Wiid and others are inaccurately branded as ‘homophobic’ and haters of gay people, just because they say what the Bible says. Their attackers want to silence them and *halt* a strong Christian influence in society. Pray for them and *stronger* Christian influence!

    🔴 Christians are slowly being *forced*, through political correct-ness and human rights issues, to *approve* of unbiblical lifestyles and principles. If we don’t, we are accused of hate speech and intolerance. Pray that we don’t give in, but rather step forward. Truth and Love are vital in advancing God’s Kingdom in SA.

    🚨God is exposing evil every-where: that which is against His Will.

    🙏🙏🙏 *Persecution* lies at our door in South Africa. It leaves us with a choice: Stand up or back down. We Stand up and start with *UNIFIED PRAYER* against these 4 issues and other evils. Evil wants to bring fear, and we need to pray against it. Constant, focused prayer can turn this Communist-like onslaught on its head.

    The *Bible* says, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him and put him to flight” (Isaiah 59:19b).

    As uncle Angus said on 22 April, IT’S TIME to pray, South Africa!! Now we know even more why. ❗This is a *CALL TO PRAYER* to every believer in Christ in SA❗ 🙏🙏LOCK SHIELDS🛡🛡🛡

    -Dr Arno van Niekerk Email: ***Send on as Prayer Chain***

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