Were You Prepared And Equipped!

The Lord our God is Sovereign- Psalms 115:3, Isaiah 43:13, Acts 5:39! We often do not understand the depth of God’s Sovereignty, so we struggle against the tide of destiny- Isaiah 45:9-10.


Before we were born the Lord knew us – Jeremiah 1:5. He is the master strategist and thus has a blueprint of our sojourn in this life.

Looking at 1 Samuel 9. Before Saul’s dad donkeys were missing, there was 1 Samuel 8. Here the sons of the Prophet did not walk in the ways of their father Samuel and the people were displeased, rightly so and demanded a King. I also wonder why God chose to destroy Prophet Eli’s sons and not Samuels? What is the difference in the sins committed by these children? Was God partial? A digression, pardon me!

God in His sovereignty orchestrated events to bring Saul to Samuels presence. It was not a coincidence or a happenstance. God told the donkeys to wander off and hide somewhere, and I believe somewhere close in plain sight, in order to send Saul and a servant to journey over mountains and hills in search of them, to ultimately meet with Samuel. Most often the missing link is close by and we perceive it not!


Why would a loving God do such? Why trouble this young man? He had to get some training to be toughened up! He had to leave his comfort zone! He had to learn to seek for what is lost or missing. Saul had to meet Samuel where his true identity is not known.

God always meets us in secret places, one on one! David while tending his father’s flocks, Jabesh, Elisha, Moses and the burning bush.

Where was your meeting place?

  • The plains
  • On the mountaintop
  • In the valley
  • The middle of the storm!

God also told Samuel, the King to be will be here tomorrow, go prepare a sacrifice. Everything was preplanned, Saul just walked into it! 1 Samuel 9:15. Nothing takes God by surprise!

Saul was ill-equipped for he had nothing to bring to the seer to inquire of the Lord! Still, God accomplished his mission! He was probably playing on the field with his friends or maybe chasing a damsel on the plains when Father Kish called out. Saul, Saul, come over here. We are missing donkeys from the pen and you are playing, “Please take one of the servants with you, and arise, go and look for the donkeys.””

  1. Where were you when you started your journey?
  2. What prompted this phase of your life?
  3. How prepared were You?
  4. How equipped were you?
  5. What was missing in your life that prompted this trip?
  6. Was it your choice or were you “sent” into it!
  7. What could you have done differently?

Brethren, the Lord is Sovereign and we have been predestined – Romans 8:29, Ephesians 1:11! Nothing can change that to an extent! Except the extent to which we are willing to cooperate with God to walk in His will. Everything then will be to our advantage, both the good, the bad, and the in-between!

Abba Father, have mercy on us and bring us back to your will. Set our feet on your path and keep us in your presence we pray in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Author: joansanusi

I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, Jesus Christ's own beloved, endowed with virtues to live, love and do great exploit to the glory of God the Father.

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