Listening To Hear Him!

I have been speaking to God for the longest time, and He has been listening to me. How cool is that you might say! Every word and thoughts He hears – Psalms 94:11 The Lord knows the thoughts of Man.

I sense now that God wants to speak to me. I guess it is God’s turn to speak . I should give Him a chance to speak. Stop being a chatter box I told myself! Okay Lord, I am listening I said, and God told me to delve into His Word! His Word is Jesus! The Jesus of The Bible!

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In these last days, God speaks to us through His Son Jesus Christ. In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son. Hebrews 1:1–2

Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being – Hebrews 1:3. Jesus is The Word through which God speaks to you, to me, and to everyone else.

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I have therefore resolved to study The Word. I am bound to hear His voice therein. Either in one verse, one chapter, or a whole book. God is bound to speak as He has bid me to listen. And I am bound to hear as I am eager to hear Him speak.

Father Lord, let me not hear strange voices. Let my ears be open only to your Word. Give me understanding that I might take hold of your Word. And please Father, let your Word profit me in Jesus mighty name. Amen


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Author: joansanusi

I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, Jesus Christ's own beloved, endowed with virtues to live, love and do great exploit to the glory of God the Father.

2 thoughts on “Listening To Hear Him!”

  1. So inspiring!
    Stop being a chatter box.
    In quietness shall your strength be. Listen to God so that you can hear when he speaks.
    Thank you dear Lord.


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