Yielded Life!!!!

yieldedA life yielded unto God is a life filled with joy, peace and vitality. At best a life unyielding unto God will have all the good things of life, however devoid of true peace and joy. A dissatisfaction with all and everything, filled with nothingness.

Take any man/woman, handsome/ beautiful, intelligent, skillful and all, succeeding in all facet of life but still feeling unfulfilled – something is just not there. You might not be able to pinpoint it, it feels like a knuckle out of joint, a yearning unsatisfied, restlessness and all. Only Him who created you and I can fill the void! Will you yield your boat today? Partner with the Lord to bring hope to the hopeless.

Friends, until a life is fully yielded unto God for His use, nothing will have meaning or make sense. Your beauty will not be seen, goodness of your heart will be repaid with evil, good works and all will not be appreciated, your voice of wisdom will not be heard in the quarter where it is required and needed. Your love will be un-reciprocated, you will be throwing pearls before swine, your treasures will be buried and of no use.

You were purchased with a price. You are valuable! Do yourself a favor and submit your all for the Master’s use. Let your life count! Make a difference in your spheres of endeavor. Let the Lord fill up the void in your heart, and everything will make sense. You will understand why, how, where, and when of your existence. Trust your maker and saviour Jesus Christ. He knows best.

Be born again by the renewal of your minds friends. Talk to Jesus today. Jesus is Lord!



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