Today’s Promise Is …….

God's promises for today


One thought on “Today’s Promise Is …….

  1. Reblogged this on Radiant Glory Of Love and commented:

    All the promises of God are yeh and amen.
    Therefor, I declare that it is well with me, you and ours. No evil shall cone near us. The power of the Most High God that raised Chris from the dead shall manifest in our life to destroy every works of satan in Jesus name.
    As many as gather together against us shall fall for our case.We shall not fall into error. We shall not depart from the path of truth. As the hand of the Most High God is upon us no other hand shall be upon us.
    Things shall begin to fall for us in pleasant places. The Lord will clothe us with favour as a garment.
    I plead the blood of Jesus against every evil thst has been set in motion against us and ours.
    I declare the joy of the Lord upon us as we dwell in his presence now and forever. Amen

    Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!


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