Perfect Life? Grateful life!


d2e3debe93c353f67acc49e6fd982e5dFar from been perfect! I have been turned inside out and outside in! I have been tossed here and there by storms – unplanned, unforseen, unexpected yet tumultuous.

Only then were my eyes opened to see, to see Him who created heaven and earth holding me steady standing strong in the midst of the raging storm.

My life so far is far from perfect but it is beautiful, blessed with joy and laughter, graced with miracles, signs and wonders, God’s own handwriting reflecting the love of the Most High God! The Alpha and Omega, my Lord and Saviour, the Only Constant in my life, my high tower, shield and protector, defense and advocate.

Joyously grateful for the past for it made sense of this beautiful present. What a transformation?  It could only have been God! And the future? Whao! I see it bright and more beautiful, colourful, peaceful, and adorned with precious jewels!

Oh Lord God Almighty thank you! Thank you for showcasing your power in my life, your loving kindness and grace, your gift bestowed on every soul.

Friends, please realign yourself to the will of God as outlined in the Scriptures. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Start looking for something to thank God for. See the best in every situation, look out for positivity, stop narrow mindedness, rejoice in the Lord, I say rejoice!

Shalom! Shalom!


Author: joansanusi

I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, Jesus Christ's own beloved, endowed with virtues to live, love and do great exploit to the glory of God the Father.

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