Leap out!! Backside of The Desert!!! Character is Developed!!

From the original post of August 18th, 2015 – Backside Of The Desert!!! Character is developed!! Re-blogged on May 1st, 2016

“Moses from all account as stated in the scripture was ordained a deliverer. He was born to save his people from slavery. Moses however, thought it would be by his own strength, power and wisdom. How wrong he was! He ended up a reject, a fugitive and a “glorified”slave working for his father in law. Exodus 2: 1- 22

How best can Moses be described during those forty years of running from destiny? This is a man raised in royalty, having been spared to fulfill destiny while other babies perished. As a baby he was shielded from evil, mistakes and all ills, however as a self sufficient adult, he made a blunder that would have changed the course of his life but for predestination – the hand of the Most High God.

Friends, can you relate your own life to that of Moses? You know you are part of the player in the agenda of heaven – you have been saved and know God has a plan for you, then a blunder, wrong decision and action, sending you to the backside of the desert. Exactly where the devil wants you and I, stigmatized, rejected and failing. You see, the back side of the desert is the training ground, where obedience and servitude is learnt, character is developed and tested, where solitude reveals you to yourself. Moses came from the palace, a prince of Egypt, however by the time he got to Median, like Joseph, his princely robe was torn, his appearance was like that of a vagabond. Prim and proper look and the courtesy of being a royal was no more”.

cs-lewisTo bring this home then, relating Moses’s experience to this present generation. It is a far easier life for Moses then, than it is now, even with the Old and New Testament script for our guidance. Moses left Egypt for the desert in haste, unplanned, with fear and limited supplies to pass through the desert if at all he is able to make it through. Moses from all account would not have survived had it not been predestined, for the hand of God was with him.

Likewise, you and I have gone through similar life altering circumstances. We’ve been bruised and battered by the elements while in the desert so much so that getting to where we are now, we are a shadow of our once buoyant confident self. The coat of many colors like Joseph torn, our nails broken, calloused toes and rough skin. We came into the sanctuary for comfort, acceptance, and hopefully to redeem our ways. But wait, what do we often meet, but all that is not of Christ Jesus!! 

We meet self righteous, arrogant, and wicked bully. Not in my Church Ok!!!! Others right? Maybe not! Maybe I am one of such, wolves in sheep clothing, that are in the Church on the look out for any member that seems to have his or her light on to snuff it out, use divisiveness to rule, not lead by example, but rule by every other means but Christ way – love, the pure kind of love!

This has pervaded our midst causing those not well routed to keep shopping for a place to belong and falling back along the way. And some, hurt and lost to the world, with many just flowing with the motion without growth in their spirit man- emphasis on growth been in material wealth. How pathetic!!!  And others, hindered from fully employing their God given talent for the good of all just because they will not compromise.

When Moses got to Midian, Reuel with warmth welcomed him into his family. Nowadays, it is far from it. You have to throw your weight around somehow – announcing your family background, marital status, how much your earn, your thriving business/career and all sort as if that is an indication of your spirituality – pointer to your been born again!!!  You have to prove your worth, boast of your connection to the high and mighty to be treated with dignity. What has gotten into you, me, us, the Church?

Most High God please help me, my friends and your body! Forgive us Oh Lord! We are very far from doing your will Lord. We seem not to be able to do the right thing anymore, please help us. Rekindle your fire in us and create a right spirit within us in Jesus Christ Mighty name. Amen

Shalom! Shalom!




Author: joansanusi

I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, Jesus Christ's own beloved, endowed with virtues to live, love and do great exploit to the glory of God the Father.

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